We provide disease management products to the fish farming industry, and the services to get new products through regulatory approval and out to the market.

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Identification and

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Fish Health Products and Services

Fish health products for aquaculture  

New Product Development Services

Save time and expense by hiring the professionals at Aquatic Health Resources to bring your aquaculture product to market. We have the experience, connections, and know how to take your product from R&D through regulatory approval.

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Furunculosis and Otolith Marking Products  

Fish Health Solutions

If your success depends on your ability to manage disease in your fish population, use our easy search options to find important product and research data. We feature the Romet®30 antiobiotic for Furunculosis plus other products for fish health and Otolith marking.

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  The members of Aquatic Health Resources, Dr. Thomas Goodrich, George Kohan and
  Michael Blum have over 40 years of experience in all areas of product development, regulatory
  affairs, aquaculture product production, new business development, marketing, and sales.